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This course is the third course in the specialization about learning how to develop video games using the C# programming language and the Unity game engine on Windows or Mac. Why use C# and Unity instead of some other language and game engine? Well, C# is a really good language for learning how to program and then programming professionally. Also, the Unity game engine is very popular with indie game developers; Unity games were downloaded 16,000,000,000 times in 2016! Finally, C# is one of the programming languages you can use in the Unity environment. This course assumes you have the prerequisite knowledge from the previous courses in the specialization. You should make sure you have that knowledge, either by taking those previous courses or from personal experience, before tackling this course. Throughout this course you'll continue building your foundational C# and Unity knowledge by exploring more C# and Unity topics. The material in this and the previous two courses is essentially our first programming course for Game Design and Development majors at UCCS. Module 1: Learn about abstraction and how we can use it to design and implement console application classes Module 2: Learn more about how methods and parameters work Module 3: Learn how we can use abstraction to design and implement Unity classes Module 4: Add text output (like score!) and sound effects to your Unity games “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere. This course is an independent work and is not sponsored by, authorized by, or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates...

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2022년 2월 26일

Challenged me as a beginner programmer, but was so worth it upon completion. Very pleased with myself now and especially the teacher, thank you I needed that!


2022년 8월 5일

Amazing course. I learned so much in a very structured way. It gets a bit difficult at times, but that is when you are learning the most!

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2022년 2월 26일

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2022년 8월 6일

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2022년 1월 12일