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What is the X-Factor? In Cybersecurity, the X-Factor related to unknown and unpredictable human behavior within and outside of your organization. “No one really knows why humans do what they do”, (David K. Reynolds), and because of this organizations can be unprepared for malicious, untrained, or even best intentioned behavior that can cause alarm and sometimes irreparable harm. This course will introduce you to the types of training available to reduce the impact of the X-Factor, evaluate its effectiveness, explore the Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) program, and learn why it may fail. The course will conclude with information designed to assist you with some critical components for your business security program. Activities focused on hactivism, cyberinsurance, and ransomware will round out your knowledge base. Your team of instructors has prepared a series of readings, discussions, guest lectures, and quizzes to engage you in this exciting topic....

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2017년 3월 18일

There is a lot of practical and actionable information in this course related to cybersecurity. I would highly recommend anyone interested in their organization's cybersecurity take this course!


2020년 4월 3일

This was a pretty challenging course. The sections on theories of human behavior were a bit deep but they did help me to understand how human behavior is so important improving cyber security.

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2022년 5월 27일