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Are you planning to have a career in cybersecurity? This course can help you plan your preparation for such a career as well as give some advice on finding positions and landing a position. After completing this course, a learner will be able to: • Define the cybersecurity field and describe its variations. • Describe the need for qualified cybersecurity professionals in U.S. and global organizations. • Discuss the cybersecurity professional’s role in an organization’s cybersecurity effort. • Describe the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and the use as a cybersecurity career development tool. • Explain the structure, location, and responsibilities of the cybersecurity department in a traditional versus non-traditional organization. • List and explain the knowledge preparation for the cybersecurity professional from an education versus training perspective. • List and describe the various cybersecurity certifications available to cybersecurity professionals and differentiate their suitability based on the professional’s career status. • Describe the process and resources for finding the perfect cybersecurity job. • Discuss the expectations and issues associated with the long-term cybersecurity career....

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2021년 9월 2일

It was amazing course. I really learned a-lot of things about job search and interview process


2022년 2월 3일

great information knowing all about cybersecurity questions.

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2021년 3월 6일

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