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미시건 대학교의 Data Collection: Online, Telephone and Face-to-face 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course presents research conducted to increase our understanding of how data collection decisions affect survey errors. This is not a “how–to-do-it” course on data collection, but instead reviews the literature on survey design decisions and data quality in order to sensitize learners to how alternative survey designs might impact the data obtained from those surveys. The course reviews a range of survey data collection methods that are both interview-based (face-to-face and telephone) and self-administered (paper questionnaires that are mailed and those that are implemented online, i.e. as web surveys). Mixed mode designs are also covered as well as several hybrid modes for collecting sensitive information e.g., self-administering the sensitive questions in what is otherwise a face-to-face interview. The course also covers newer methods such as mobile web and SMS (text message) interviews, and examines alternative data sources such as social media. It concentrates on the impact these techniques have on the quality of survey data, including error from measurement, nonresponse, and coverage, and assesses the tradeoffs between these error sources when researchers choose a mode or survey design....

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2019년 5월 26일


the difference between mobile survey and web survey

difference between online and face to face interviews

difference between telephone interviews and computer interviws


2016년 7월 19일

There is one word for this Course "Amazing". No matter if you are a undergrad student or a seasoned researcher, you'll feel that you have learned a lot from this course.

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