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New Power BI users will begin the course by gaining a conceptual understanding of the Power BI desktop application and the Power BI service. Learners will explore the Power BI interface while learning how to manage pages and understand the basics of visualizations. Learners will engage in numerous hands-on experiences to discover how to import, connect, clean, transform, and model their own data in the Power BI desktop application. Learners will investigate reports, learn about workspaces, and practice viewing, creating, and publishing reports to the Power BI service. Finally, learners will become proficient in the creation and utilization dashboards. IMPORTANT NOTE: This course does not provide sample datasets for practice but requires learners to bring datasets. A video is included in Week 1 to show learners how to easily import Microsoft's sample datasets directly from their Power BI Service accounts....

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2022년 9월 24일

It is really amazing with creating beatiful reports and attempting questions in the quiz as timely needed.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.


2022년 9월 8일

They covered all the thing and beautifully explaing each of them.

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