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캘리포니아 샌디에고 대학교의 Delivery Problem 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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In this online course we’ll implement (in Python) together efficient programs for a problem needed by delivery companies all over the world millions times per day — the travelling salesman problem. The goal in this problem is to visit all the given places as quickly as possible. How to find an optimal solution to this problem quickly? We still don’t have provably efficient algorithms for this difficult computational problem and this is the essence of the P versus NP problem, the most important open question in Computer Science. Still, we’ll implement several solutions for real world instances of the travelling salesman problem. While designing these solutions, we will rely heavily on the material learned in the courses of the specialization: proof techniques, combinatorics, probability, graph theory. We’ll see several examples of using discrete mathematics ideas to get more and more efficient solutions....

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2018년 7월 24일

This final course in 5 course specialization is relatively easy one, although the last problem takes little bit time to solve. Provides good introduction to difficult to learn Delivery problem.


2019년 11월 19일

A fun conclusion to the specialization that brings all of the mathematics of combinatorics and graph theory together to show how it can be applied to some real world problems.

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