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This course is primarily for professionals, college students, and advanced high school students who are interested in driving the digital transformation by integrating automation, software, and cutting-edge technologies. This course represents a foundational introduction to Digital Transformation, appropriate for learners with a basic familiarity with common business terms and concepts and an interest in digital technology. To succeed in this course, learners should bring their curiosity about how new developments in technology are shaping the way businesses and entire industries operate. This course has no formal prerequisites. This course focuses on how technology can be used as a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. First, current trends in computing, visual, connectivity and artificial intelligence are outlined with an emphasis on their impact to businesses. Next, we look at digital tools for design, manufacturing, and usage of products. Finally, we look at the applications of these technologies and digital tools across eight key industries. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Summarize digital transformation - what, how and why Outline important technical trends within today’s economy Identify digital tools that can be applied to transform business processes Apply digital transformation to a variety of industries Course developed in partnership with Fram Akiki of Joun Technologies....
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