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In the past, developing countries such as Korea lacked guidelines for exploring effective policies for disaster-resilient growth, resulting in unnecessary sacrifices in terms of time, resources, and human capital. Through the lessons learned by Korea, currently developing countries facing socio-economic development can build disaster resilience without sacrifices. Utilizing Korea's sound practices and institutional reforms, this course provides a valuable roadmap to prevent and mitigate the catastrophic effects of disasters. This course also provides insightful inspiration about what are the characteristics and the historical path of major disasters; how major disasters arise and affect policy changes; how science and technology can be used to explore and find solutions to complex tasks; and especially, what nations and institutes need to do reduce disaster risk and mitigate death and economic turmoil in the wake of disasters. Throught this, students will be able to explain not only what is disaster risk management but also what must be done for a disaster resilent future....

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2020년 11월 3일

Very informative, and useful for professionals under disaster risk management. Individuals in this course were taught various ways about DRM that can be applied to their jobs.


2022년 10월 30일

This course is very informative to this generation we are into. You can learn best practices from Korea in a way how they have handled previous disaster.

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