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Improve your English, boost your tech career, and move toward a higher-paying job by leveling up your communication skills in English Communication for Tech Professionals brought to you by Arizona State University and English4IT. This course is for all business roles, both technical and non-technical, from developers to CEOs. The course targets 6 main skill areas: - vocabulary - grammar - pronunciation - soft skills - speaking & writing After completing this course, you will: - improve your English for professional communication; - build your vocabulary with at least 30 new useful words and phrases from each module; - master key grammar topics; - have templates for emails and meetings which you can start using in your work right away; - create a professional and attention-grabbing resume (or CV) in English and upgrade your LinkedIn profile; - prepare for a job interview by learning useful strategies and skills that will help you preform better in interviews....
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English Communication for Tech Professionals의 4개 리뷰 중 1~4

교육 기관: Sjuzanna E

2022년 11월 9일

교육 기관: Viktoria S

2022년 9월 19일

교육 기관: User

2022년 10월 10일

교육 기관: Githin T

2022년 11월 25일