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This course, Everyday Chinese Medicine II offered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, aims to show to the public, as well as the healthcare professionals about the basic principles of Chinese medicine. Our primary goal is to empower healthcare choices by promoting awareness and practical application on Chinese medicine diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and to facilitate interprofessional education between Chinese and conventional clinicians. Learners will develop skills in applying theories of Chinese medicine for understanding health and illnesses. We will discuss the treatment principles of Chinese Medicine and the corresponding herbs for application. This will then be followed by the application of diets and exercise. Finally, we would expand the horizons of how integrative medicine are practiced in Chinese populations such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for specific diseases. This showcases how different disciplines joints-hands to fulfill the unmet needs from the public. The perspective of research, education and medical coverage will be explored....

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2021년 7월 1일

excellent extension from the series 1. hopefully there will be series 3 with more everyday applications recipes and common symptoms which can be done at home. well done and thank you


2022년 8월 6일

It is a very trustful source and an easy reference to rely on for learning chinese medicine, of course combined with Everyday Chinese Medicine 1.

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