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This course will teach you how to manage a startup’s financing strategy, where you will learn how to build capitalization tables (or “cap tables”) in Excel. Cap tables will help you explore different financing strategies for your startup company and determine which financing decisions are best for your entrepreneurial venture. You will also learn about innovations in the digital space that allow new ways to finance entrepreneurial ventures. These include different forms of crowdfunding, and alternative credit scoring mechanisms based on web-based data. This course concludes with a module featuring cutting edge research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business on the financial technology industry. In this module, you will learn how financial technology companies are disrupting the credit scoring industry by developing new methods for credit scoring using consumers’ digital footprints. In addition, you will explore how financial technology platforms have introduced new, experimental forms of financing, such as crowdfunding....

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2021년 5월 15일

The course is very innovative and informative! The professor is very good at explaining concepts and all knowledge is well-delivered with excellent and clear examples.


2020년 4월 23일

Very insightful, in terms of using new sources of founding for start-ups and to understand the distribution of shares, money in different series or in company exiting.

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2020년 4월 29일

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2020년 7월 2일