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Whether you have taken the IELTS test before, you will benefit from completing this course on the reading section of the exam. The lessons in this course will improve your overall skills in reading and prepare you for every type of question in this section of the test, increasing your chances of getting your target band score. You will be ready to confidently complete the 40-question reading section, which includes a dozen different types of reading tasks. We’ll review plenty of sample readings and questions so you’ll know exactly what to expect. The helpful tips and strategies offered in this course will give you the invaluable tools and knowledge you’ll need to identify correct answers while efficiently managing the 60-minute time allotted for the reading section. Taking tests can be stressful, but being familiar with the test and practicing will reduce anxiety and give you the confidence you’ll need to perform at your best....

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2021년 12월 29일

very clear explanation strategy how get a high band score in IELTS exam, and now is time to more practice before taking the exam.


2021년 12월 13일

This course is very helpful for everyone who wants to take IELTS exam. Each of the lectures is easy to understand. Thank you!

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2022년 11월 4일

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2021년 12월 20일

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2022년 6월 4일