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This course provides those involved in educating members of the health professions an asynchronous, interdisciplinary, and interactive way to obtain, expand, and improve their teaching skills. These skills can then be applied within their own professional context, with a variety of learners, extending across many stages. After completing this course, learners will: 1. Understand educational theory as it relates to health professions education 2. Match instructional methods with desired educational outcomes 3. Learn a variety of applied teaching techniques 4. Share successful teaching strategies Suggested resources will include educational videos, individual readings, recommended reference books, and crowd-sourced recommendations. All students should have dependable access to the internet with video streaming capabilities. Some students may want the ability to utilize on-line video conferencing as well....

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2017년 11월 6일

Quiz 03.02 is very vague in what answer is expected. Even after several tried I was unable to complete the quiz. Please look into the issue. Otherwise the course content and delivery is excellent


2022년 7월 7일

Really good teaching programme.

Massively increased my confidence with teaching, and I will definately change and improve my practice.

Would certainly recommend to anyone who would listen.

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