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In this course, learners develop a solid understanding of how national cultures shape international human resource management, international marketing, and international business generally. The course provides an overview of international culture, human resource management (HRM), and marketing. This may seem like a peculiar grouping of topics, but successful international HR management and marketing are highly dependent on national culture. Without understanding a people’s culture, managing and selling to those people is fraught. In the first module, the many determinants of national culture are explored as well as the dimensions or characteristics of a nation’s culture. In the next module, we review the various organizational structures appropriate for international business before turning to the HR challenges of managing a diverse population of international employees. In the final two modules, we explore the many challenges of international marketing across nations and across cultures....

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2021년 5월 13일

Quiz three has some error, if you want them to retain that information. Try the palace memory technique instead vary annoying trying to get wrong answer to get the point. lol


2021년 11월 7일

I can see all about the international business and culture.And its very widely known for me.Thank you so much.

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