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The course provides an introduction to quantum information at a beginning graduate level. It focuses on the fundamental understanding of how information is processed with quantum systems and how the quantum properties apply to computing and communication tasks. The course begins by presenting quantum theory as the framework of information processing. Quantum systems are introduced with single and two qubits. Axioms of quantum theory such as states, dynamics, and measurements are explained as preparation, evolution, and readout of qubits. Quantum computing and quantum communication are explained. Entanglement is identified as a key resource of quantum information processing. Manipulation and quantification of entangled states are provided.  Quantum information processing opens an avenue to new information technologies beyond the current limitations but, more importantly, provides an approach to understanding information processing at the most fundamental level. What is desired is to find how Nature performs information processing with the quantum and classical systems. The ultimate power of Nature in computing and communication may be found and understood. The course provides a modest step to learn quantum information about how physical systems can be manipulated by the laws of quantum mechanics, how powerful they are in practical applications, and how the fundamental results make quantum advantages....

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2021년 12월 17일

Challenging quizzes and final exam; understanding solutions to problems boosts understanding of the topic. Many topics clearly, albeit rapidly, covered.Review with self-reading contextualizes material


2022년 8월 27일

The course was challenging as an Introductory course. I had to read through books and solve problems before taking the test, as the lectures and assignments required a fair bit of formalization.

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