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In this course, we will learn all the core techniques needed to make effective use of H2O. Even if you have no prior experience of machine learning, even if your math is weak, by the end of this course you will be able to make machine learning models using a variety of algorithms. We will be using linear models, random forest, GBMs and of course deep learning, as well as some unsupervised learning algorithms. You will also be able to evaluate your models and choose the best model to suit not just your data but the other business restraints you may be under....

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2018년 9월 10일

I've taken a lot of Coursera classes and this is one of the better classes. It is a good hands-on course and will help students learn more about not only H2O, but also machine learning.


2019년 2월 3일

Great content, a lot of hands-on activities and the instructor is quite good too. By the end of the course, I feel that I have the necessary skills to work with h2o.

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