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Create your own Marketing Plan for your own product or service idea. In this course you will learn how to produce arguably the most important marketing tool for any business. Rather than simply learning the stages of The Marketing Plan, you will be asked each week to complete a peer graded assignment which will help you complete a simplified version of the plan. You will be required either to map the four crucial stages for your own product or service idea or use the Nissan Leaf case study (attached in the additional readings) in order to produce a professional example. Ramon Diaz Bernardo - a professor with over 20 years experience - will guide you through the four most important stages of The Marketing Plan: analysis, marketing strategy; the marketing mix and expected results. On this journey, he will conduct interviews with leading experts from international companies in marketing as well as invite students to join him for explanations and discussions. This excellent and unique course allows you not only to learn the essential parts of The Marketing Plan but also map out the future of your own business and take the first steps on the path to launching your own product....

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2020년 3월 2일

Excelente curso impartido por IE Business School. El profesor, inigualable, conocedor del contenido impartido y un excelente profesional. Gracias mil por permitirme dicha capacitacion.


2020년 12월 17일

This course simplified everything that was learnt in the previous courses and gave a suitable straightforward approach to developing a marketing plan. The instructor was superb!

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