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This course gives you access to negotiation practical tools and best practices gathered by Professor Aurélien Colson & his team from assignments in more than seventy countries and in a wide set of sectors, be they services, industry, high tech, or public organizations. In an interactive manner, this course will help you, among other topics: get prepared for any negotiation; avoid traps; know how to prompt value-creating partnerships; structure an effective negotiation sequence; bargain in an efficient and respectful manner; overcome deadlocks; and much more! Indeed, negotiation is not simply about deciding who gets what now – it is first and foremost about creating productive, fair, and therefore long-term partnerships. This course guides you through innovative and proven approaches – “win-win…but not at any price”. Together with its specialization, this course will lead you towards high impact and sustainable negotiations at all levels, whether finding solutions to people management issues, sealing a deal on a sales package, or entering into high-level strategic or political negotiations involving multi-party stakeholders....

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2020년 5월 20일

Aurelien is literally an excellent instructor. Also, the video design, clarity, organization of material, is perfect. Besides, quizzes and assignments composition are entirely matched with the course


2021년 7월 4일

As a beginner this course is easy to understand the fundamentals of negotiation. The course also makes it easier to understand the different components that makes up negotiation that are very subtle.

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