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The spirit of NewSpace is revolutionizing our vision of access to space. Reading keys will enable you to understand the technological and strategic challenges in games with new rules, fixed by ambitious players. Combine the new technologies and management of space access with the classical paradigm of the existing space context. It is difficult to give a definition of the New Space, but we can say that there are several aspects that characterize the New Space and access to space in the New Space: innovation, private actors, reducing the price of access to space, space for all, awareness of societal challenges. In this course, you will first acquire basic knowledge to understand how to access space. This will concern mission analysis, launchers, and rocket engines design. This introductory information will help you to understand what characterizes space access in the New Space in relation to three main aspects: 1. Methodologies of design, development, and production of launchers and rockets 2. Innovative technologies 3. Sustainable space with the future development of green launchers, towards a green space...
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