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This is a course on social norms, the rules that glue societies together. It teaches how to diagnose social norms, and how to distinguish them from other social constructs, like customs or conventions. These distinctions are crucial for effective policy interventions aimed to create new, beneficial norms or eliminate harmful ones. The course teaches how to measure social norms and the expectations that support them, and how to decide whether they cause specific behaviors. The course is a joint Penn-UNICEF project, and it includes many examples of norms that sustain behaviors like child marriage, gender violence and sanitation practices. This is Part 1 of the Social Norms, Social Change series. In these lectures, I introduce all the basic concepts and definitions, such as social expectations and conditional preferences, that help us distinguish between different types of social practices like customs, descriptive norms and social norms. Expectations and preferences can be measured, and these lectures explain how to measure them. Measurement is crucial to understanding the nature of the practice you are facing, as well as whether an intervention was or was not successful, and why. In Part 2, we will put into practice all we have learned in Part 1. New! Please use this link for a 30% discount on the recommended book that accompanies this course!

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2019년 3월 5일

This course will open your eyes to different behavioural patterns that human engage in, teach how about the suppossed mudane but important things in our society and also how to carry out a research.


2019년 8월 4일

Achei o curso muito interessante e importante para entender a minha area de trabalho com certeza abso;uta irei implementar os conhecimentos adquiridos e estou pronta para entrar na 2 parte do curso

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Social Norms, Social Change I의 489개 리뷰 중 201~225

교육 기관: Amr R

2018년 12월 13일

I was a great course and we learned a lot and learned how to work with society in a different waymany thanks

교육 기관: Nirmal G

2019년 8월 28일

It is wonderful to learn about how our society and the way people living in it behave;cause and effects.

교육 기관: Lucy D

2017년 10월 18일

I was evaluating the 'manageability' of these types of courses and found it very 'manageable'! so 10/10!

교육 기관: Sabrina P

2019년 5월 11일

Very well structured. It is really useful forpeople working in programs where social norms are involved

교육 기관: Zark B

2020년 8월 7일

Good and basic introduction to people who want to learn about how other people act and why they do so.

교육 기관: Luz H H

2019년 12월 5일

The content was clear, relevant and contextualized for a better understanding throughout the lectures.

교육 기관: Nirina A

2016년 9월 28일

It's very interesting for monitoring the Social Change. I's very useful for implementing the programme

교육 기관: JOY O

2020년 9월 6일

So far, the course has been very interesting and elaborative. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

교육 기관: Kirubhaharan J

2019년 7월 24일

This course social norms and social I can help to understand current situation take in part of world

교육 기관: Ritsu N

2017년 6월 26일

Very useful course. Gave me a lot of ideas on how to go about designing social change initiatives.

교육 기관: Mahrukh I I S

2022년 4월 21일

This course is very much informative that we can learn about different perspectives of human life

교육 기관: Sheikh Z R

2021년 5월 1일

Excellent course especially the presentation and the lecture of the professor is full of clarity.

교육 기관: Quji B

2020년 4월 11일

Very practical and concise course. Very useful in identifying and treating various social norms.

교육 기관: Sergio M S

2022년 7월 20일

Great course to better understand about Social Norms and Social Change.

Thank you very much!

교육 기관: Oiram J B d S J

2019년 11월 22일

Excelent course to whom need critical information about how to change the society to welfare.

교육 기관: DORA C

2021년 2월 21일

Mind opening! culturally educating! Brilliant....nice...well structured and highly relevant!

교육 기관: Jacob A M

2019년 9월 10일

I was much interested and have learn many concepts in this course. The course very excellent

교육 기관: Md. M M

2020년 3월 11일

Great lectures. Repetition made catch the previous discussions and go on to the next level.

교육 기관: Basudev M

2019년 1월 28일

It's a very useful course to understand the society and various dynamics of social change.

교육 기관: Serena C

2021년 12월 29일

I really enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot about things I didn't really understand.

교육 기관: Tofail A

2019년 9월 6일

Excellent way of learning in collective approach with examples. I am enjoying the course.

교육 기관: Omezi B

2022년 9월 12일

This course is really the best. the lecturer is wonderful. She's so good at explaining.

교육 기관: Marta G

2020년 5월 5일

Good course! I refresh a lot of my old competence and learn new things! thankyou so much

교육 기관: Fabian L

2019년 12월 9일

Very interesting. The concepts are continously repeated which makes it easy to remember.

교육 기관: Gabrielle D

2017년 5월 27일

I loved this class. As a social entrepreneur, I found it both surprising and inspiring !