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How can we organise care in such a way that we optimize experience, quality and costs? What type of governance is needed? And how should healthcare organisations collaborate? These are central questions in this course. In answering them, we depart from a recognition of the impact of three crucial global shifts in health care governance: 1) the change in focus from cure to population health, 2) the increased attention to social determinants of health, and 3) the stronger involvement of non-governmental healthcare organisations in service delivery networks. The course is unique in combining the Population Health perspective with theories of healthcare system governance. It takes a ‘multi-level’ perspective: the participant will look at healthcare governance from different angles in the healthcare system as a whole: from the global and national level, to networks of organisations, to individual care organisations, and finally to the healthcare professional. All these actors should function well to optimize accessible, affordable and high quality of care. To attain these goals, specific managerial network and leadership skills are required....
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