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러트거스 뉴저지 주립 대학교의 Strategic Procurement and Sourcing Conclusions 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course will be the final course in the Global Procurement and Sourcing Specialization. We will covering three things: First, there will be a final set of readings of articles that are looking at the future of Strategic Procurement and Sourcing. While many of the articles differ in their point of view, all the authors focus on the continued important of procurement in the business world today. Second, we will do a complete wrap-up and key takeaways for all of the courses. This will be an excellent review of what you learned in this specialization and will be helpful in the Final Assessment of the course. Lastly, there will be a Required Final Assessment consisting of 40 multiple choice....

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2021년 8월 5일

This course definitely enhanced my knowledge in global sourcing and procurement. It has a lot to offer, and it's very engaging. Thank you professor Don.


2020년 6월 11일

Very informative course in a very professional way.. I like it so mush and encourage procurement, supply chain and contract teams to join it

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2020년 6월 5일