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Protecting Business Innovations Via Copyright Watch Course Overview: Intellectual property rights (IPR) has a great impact on innovation development and society. In Science, Engineering, and Business, we seek to create wealth through innovation in products, designs, manufacturing processes, and business systems or models. However, innovation leaders often FAIL to benefit from their discoveries and inventions when they are unable to adequately protect those innovations. Learn the basics of copyright, copyright infringement, derivative works/parody and copyright related to software. This course provides learners with an understanding of Copyright law and how it can be used to protect business innovation. The course focus is on protecting innovations with copyright as one of several tools that can be used by companies and individuals to protect creative innovations. In additional to learning about how copyright works in theory, we will also discuss situations in which copyright might not be effective in protecting innovations, and will focus on the legal issues involved from a practical business perspective rather than from a purely legal viewpoint. This course is one part of a four course series focusing on protection of business innovations using copyright, patent, trademark and strategy, and these four courses may be taken in any order that is most beneficial to students interested in learning about protecting innovation. Other courses in the Protecting Business Innovations series: 1. Copyright: 2. Trademark: 3. Patent: 4. Strategy:

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2019년 8월 15일

Great course with examples taklen from practical life for once! Even though I found it a bit too repetitive at some points, at least the teacher managed to get the important points through that way.


2020년 11월 9일

This learning experience has been really awesome so far; I enjoyed every bit of the teachings, and the assignments too. Thank you so much Professor, and thanks to Coursera too!

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