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Protecting Business Innovations Via Strategy Watch Course Overview: Strategy can be useful for protecting business innovation when no other form of protection exist (e.g. copyright, patent & trademark). Strategy can also compliment and strengthen other forms of innovation protection. Understanding how to use strategy to protect innovation and limitation of strategy as a form of protection will be useful for business managers. This course will cover strategies from tangible resources to intangible strategies business employ to be successful. (1) Resource-based strategy (2) Move fast or get passed (3) e-commerce (4) Changing the rules This course is one part of a four course series focusing on protection of business innovations using copyright, patent, trademark and strategy, and these four courses may be taken in any order that is most beneficial to students interested in learning about protecting innovation. Other courses in the Protecting Business Innovations series: 1. Copyright: 2. Trademark: 3. Patent: 4. Strategy:

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2020년 6월 18일

Professor Clark makes an amazing job of keeping you engaged and always eager for the next lesson.


2018년 4월 8일

Nice overview of the strategies for business to keep advantage in the market

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