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This course (The English copy of "用Python玩转数据" <>) is mainly for non-computer majors. It starts with the basic syntax of Python, to how to acquire data in Python locally and from network, to how to present data, then to how to conduct basic and advanced statistic analysis and visualization of data, and finally to how to design a simple GUI to present and process data, advancing level by level. This course, as a whole, based on Finance data and through the establishment of popular cases one after another, enables learners to more vividly feel the simplicity, elegance, and robustness of Python. Also, it discusses the fast, convenient and efficient data processing capacity of Python in humanities and social sciences fields like literature, sociology and journalism and science and engineering fields like mathematics and biology, in addition to business fields. Similarly, it may also be flexibly applied into other fields. The course has been updated. Updates in the new version are : 1) the whole course has moved from Python 2.x to Python 3.x 2) Added manual webpage fetching and parsing. Web API is also added. 3) Improve the content order and enrich details of some content especially for some practice projects. Note: videos are in Chinese (Simplified) with English subtitles. All other materials are in English....

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2018년 10월 21일

The course provides an insight into the basic structure of Python. It will help you in navigating the areas where Python is robust and effective.


2017년 9월 11일

It's a basic Python lesson, but providing some data analysis and GUI concepts, which needs you to explore after this class or in the future.

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Data Processing Using Python의 101개 리뷰 중 1~25

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