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This course is for business analysts and SAS programmers who want to learn data manipulation techniques using the SAS DATA step and procedures to access, transform, and summarize data. The course builds on the concepts that are presented in the Getting Started with SAS Programming course and is not recommended for beginning SAS software users. In this course you learn how to understand and control DATA step processing, create an accumulating column and process data in groups, manipulate data with functions, convert column type, create custom formats, concatenate and merge tables, process repetitive code, and restructure tables. This course addresses Base SAS software. Before attending this course, you should be able to write DATA step code to access data, subset rows and columns, compute new columns, and process data conditionally. You should also be able to sort tables using the SORT procedure and apply SAS formats....

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2021년 6월 30일

Great step-by-step explanation of all concepts! I have to say that this course is much more difficult than the Introduction course (Getting Started with SAS Programming), but that is to be expected!


2022년 6월 27일

Such a wonderful Course, it's really helped me a lot to learn about SAS Programming, When I have Started this course I don't even know what is mean by Programming but Now I can do it. Thank you.

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