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Google 클라우드의 Security Best Practices in Google Cloud 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This self-paced training course gives participants broad study of security controls and techniques on Google Cloud. Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy the components of a secure Google Cloud solution, including Cloud Storage access control technologies, Security Keys, Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys, API access controls, scoping, shielded VMs, encryption, and signed URLs. It also covers securing Kubernetes environments....

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2020년 9월 13일

Very helpful course. It provided clear view of the security standards that needs to be followed to utilise GCP securely. Thank you for the course and qwiklabs.


2021년 1월 17일

good course a bit short where some of its aspect already been covered in other courses but not in much details

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