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캘리포니아 대학교 데이비스 캠퍼스의 Spanish Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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Ready for the big game? Building on the vocabulary and skills that you have already mastered, this third course of the specialization will introduce new vocabulary that will prepare you to discuss sports, pastimes and politics -- important cultural elements of the Spanish-speaking world. You’ll also add new vocabulary relating to travel and living arrangements. This course also introduces the progressive tense and past tense and you will add to your vocabulary of helping verbs....

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2020년 11월 16일

This course is amazing and provide such a great view onto this language. I am very happy with it and hope to continue learning and recommend it to some of my friends.


2020년 8월 22일

I have learnt a lot. Dr. Robert Blake is really a gem. Whatever he taught, it is authentic and really helps develop and understand the concepts.

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Spanish Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home의 51개 리뷰 중 51~51

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2021년 10월 25일