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How do you implement ideas? This course provides practical proven tools for transforming an idea into a product or service that creates value for others. As students acquire these tools, they learn how to tell bad ideas from good, how to build a winning strategy, how to shape a unique value proposition, prepare a business plan, compare their innovation to existing solutions, build flexibility into their plan and determine when best to quit. As a vital part of the course students conduct on-site interviews with entrepreneurs who have launched startups, and are eager to share their valuable insights with them. Upon completing this course successfully, graduates will be able to: 1. Transform ideas into real products, services and processes, by validating the idea, testing it, and turning it into a growing, profitable and sustainable business. 2. Identify the major steps and requirements in order to estimate the potential of an innovative idea as the basis of an innovative project. 3. Reach creative solutions via an iteration of a virtually endless stream of world-changing ideas and strategies, integrating feedback, and learning from failures along the way. 4. Apply the 10 entrepreneurial tools in creating a business plan for a new innovative venture. 5. Apply methods and strategies learned from interviews with startup entrepreneurs and innovators. 6. Communicate and sell innovative ideas successfully....

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2020년 9월 27일

This is a great opportunity and avenue to grasp ideas from successful entrepreneurs. It also motivates me to strive harder and choose a career path that leads to a successful business.


2020년 7월 3일

You should consider taking this course before starting up your business, the lecture videos are so amazing and easy to understand, and thank you Professor, i've learnt a lot from you.

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