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This course will cover Supplier Selection and Evaluation, Contract Management, Quality & Risk Management, and Ethics. One of the important decisions that a Procurement professional makes is selecting the right supplier.We will cover how to evaluate suppliers, using a very simple evaluation tool, to select the right suppliers. In contract management we will expose you to six different types of contracts that a procurement professional can consider for the contract. We will highlight 10 risk management strategies that will mitigate risks for your firm. Lastly, we will cover the very important topic of procurement ethics-what to do and not to do in ethically dealing with suppliers. In addition to the videos, there are reading materials, and two cases to support your learnings. Both cases will be assessed via a Peer Group....

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2020년 5월 30일

Very interesting course with hands-on exercises to apply the knowledge learnt in its lessons and reinforce some concepts introduced in previous courses in the specialization.


2021년 10월 20일

Very useful course. Teaching basic fundamental of SCM, ethics, risks, supplier evaluation. Would highly recommend to those who want to dive into SCM

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2022년 6월 5일