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This is the second of the three courses part of the Globalization, Economic Growth and Stability Specialization. This course will focus on facets of globalization that affect a country´s economic perspectives and decisions. Globalization has recently been the predominant subject in many political debates, and this course will go into the determinants of globalization. It will be separated into four modules; the first module will explain exchange rates. It will cover what determines exchange rate and how different exchange rates affect the economy and the reality of currencies. The second module will explore trade, the reality of free trade, and what occurs to a country´s economy with protectionism. The third module will go into the balance of payments, it will help you understand how economic transactions between a country and the rest of the world work. The fourth module will focus on Immigration, which is probably one of the most controversial subjects today. It will explain how migration affects host countries and it will cover current migration trends....

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2020년 11월 29일

Confusing at first, but when focused every question in the quizzes are all discussed in the video lectures. Light and perfect for beginners like me! Highly recommended for other beginners out there!


2020년 10월 11일

Excellent course. It gave me both practical and deep ideas on how the world works based on three pillars: economic impact on society, currency, and current account.

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