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Welcome to this project-based course Data Manipulation with dplyr in R. In this project, you will learn how to manipulate data with the dplyr package in R. By the end of this 2-hour long project, you will understand how to use different dplyr verbs such as the select verb, filter verb, arrange verb, mutate verb, summarize verb, and the group_by verb to manipulate the gapminder dataset. Also, you will learn how to combine different dplyr verbs to manipulate the gapminder dataset to get the desired result. Note, you do not need to be an expert data analyst, data scientist or statistical analyst to be successful in this guided project, just a familiarity with the R language will suffice. If you do not have a prior experience with R, I recommend that you should take the Getting Started with R project before taking this project....

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2022년 1월 13일

Excellent practice with dplyr, perfect for technical assessments for jr data analysts to practice with.


2021년 3월 9일

Excellent instructor!!! You will learn important things quickly!!!

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