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This project will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the cloud-based platform, ProfitBooks. We will start this project by introducing you to the platform through creating an online account and taking a virtual tour of the software. This step will include updating your company profile in the settings. We will continue our introduction by building out a CRM through the customer profile feature. Once the customer profiles are created, you will be introduced to some beginner features on the platform. This project will focus on the Item feature for products and services & invoice feature for billing. Upon completion of this project, you will understand how to add customers to your CRM, inventory items and services, and invoice customers. You will have the confidence to continue towards intermediate use of ProfitBooks in a continuation series. ProfitBooks is an online accounting and payroll management software for small businesses. It allows users to organize offices finances and track all activities related to their business. This free online tool allows you to manage your money without accounting knowledge, grow sales with powerful invoicing tools, track inventory with ease, and run your business with total confidence. ProfitBooks hosts your information on the secure and widely-trusted Amazon Web Services (AWS) while implementing additional security features like secure-access, built-in firewalls, encrypted data storage and periodic back-ups. You can read more about their security policy here:

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