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In today’s hotel sector an increasingly complex network of traditional and web based channels have to be managed to insure hotel success. Key questions include: how should you distribute over the web? What should you include on your website so people book through it? How can you maximise the potential of online travel agents (OTAs)? With the distribution environment both highly complex and constantly evolving, this course will give you comprehensive foundation of current industry practices to help jump start your career in this fascinating domain. Acknowledgements: Claire Bertrand, Vincent Chatain, Jessica Moses, Benjamin Six (ESSEC Business School), Emilie Dupré (Image-In), Gregory Halidy (Triplay)...

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2016년 9월 6일

I like it and I did never imagined the abundance of its content based on today's market.

Really the course helped me a lot and immediately started implementing what I learned.

Thank you Coursera


2018년 1월 6일

Very well done, these teachers and other important figures involved in the course are sharing extensive knowledges and they are teaching very clearly making the topic easy to comprehend, BRAVO!!!

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