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With advances in technology and cloud computing, there are now numerous data sources available to guide decision-making and drive organizational success. Harvesting the right kind of data requires that HR teams possess strong analytical skills; high-performing HR teams know that their function is to leverage data as a “decision science” by identifying metrics and data sources that deliver organizational insights. In order to do so, HR must ensure that metrics and measures are used effectively to achieve strategic goals. This course focuses on identifying effective data sources, developing meaningful metrics, designing long-term measures, and applying results in support of organizational strategy and tactics....

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2022년 3월 23일

I enjoyed while doing this course. This has given the exposure to HR related topics and helped me to understand what metrics are involved to perform the HR functions and how to deal with the problems.


2021년 5월 14일

I love the course, it was very insightful eye opening on how to approach HR issues such as use of metrics for analysing data. It made HR easy for me to advise in decision making through evident data,

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